Our attorneys have the depth of experience, knowledge and skill to successfully and efficiently handle all aspects of business-related legal matters.

Business disputes take on many forms. Our attorneys are experienced with and prepared to handle all types, including commercial contract breaches, corporate control and shareholder fights, class actions, unfair competition and antitrust matters, insurance coverage disputes, merger and acquisition workouts, and fraud claims, just to name a few. We also represent beer distributors in a variety of matters, including negotiating and litigating distribution agreements, and brand transfer arbitrations under Cal. Business and Professions Code 25000.2.

Especially in today’s technological society and digital age, clients need to protect and monetize their trade secrets, know-how and intellectual property. We have the experience and skill to write and prosecute patents, copyrights, and trademarks. We negotiate and draft licensing and distribution deals. We litigate intellectual property infringement and theft claims, unfair competition cases, and deceptive advertising claims.

Businesses and individuals alike sometimes find themselves in dire financial straits. We have substantial experience representing clients on both sides of these issues, whether lenders or creditors needing to get paid, or borrowers and debtors needing a path out of financial distress. We regularly represent clients seeking to enforce their rights, secure assets and collateral, and get paid from troubled debtors, both before, during and after bankruptcies. We regularly litigate lien and foreclosure cases, negotiate forbearance and workout agreements, and handle bankruptcy proofs of claim, plans and cram-downs, and discharge disputes. We have the skill and determination to help our clients secure and recover assets through pre- and post-judgment enforcement proceedings.

The laws regulating employers and employees are vast and constantly evolving. Our firm regularly litigates employer/employee disputes of all kinds, including: wrongful termination; wage and hour class actions; employee non-competition, non-solicitation and trade secret agreements; discrimination and harassment claims; and workers compensation issues. We have particular experience negotiating and litigating executive compensation and severance agreements.

The real estate industry is plagued with disputes between landlords and tenants, owners and contractors, lenders and borrowers, brokers and agents, and everything in between. We serve clients in all facets of the real estate market, and our experience gives us the understanding of how to leverage and take advantage of complex statutory requirements to achieve the best results for our clients.

Commercial agreements are the bedrock of business. No company enters an agreement with the expectation of conflict or failure. But when problems arise, they have the potential to derail and sometimes completely destroy a business. We negotiate all types of such agreements, not just to obtain the most advantageous terms for our clients now, but with the foresight to best position and protect them when unplanned complications arise later. We have negotiated, drafted and litigated all forms of commercial agreements, such as manufacturing and distribution contracts, lending, financing and secured transaction workouts, partnership and joint venture deals, and stock and asset purchase agreements.

No person or business wants to be the target of a government investigation or prosecution, or even on the receiving end of a subpoena. When such instances arise, our clients trust us to provide the skilled counsel and strategic advice to protect them both civilly and criminally. We have represented clients in investigations and prosecution actions by a number of different government agencies, including the SEC, CFTC, FTC, IRS, and DOJ. The firm has also worked with clients to provide Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) policies and enforcement defenses.