Jury’s Verdict Proves Smooth Sailing for SHL Client Pelican Joe’s

After a two-week trial, a Los Angeles County Superior Court jury returned a verdict entirely in favor of Slater Law Group & Lieberman LLP’s client, Bay Boat Rentals Alamitos Bay, Inc., affectionately known as Pelican Joe’s. Attorneys Jonathan Hersey and Neil Cooper represented Pelican Joe’s in the lawsuit against two former managers who defrauded the company, embezzled money and property, and breached their fiduciary duties. The jury’s decision for Pelican Joe’s included a 6-figure monetary award and punitive damages, along with a flat rejection of the defendants’ $1.4 million counterclaims that they were wrongfully terminated, slandered, and denied an ownership share of the company.

As J.R.R. Tolkien wrote, “Boats are quite tricky enough for those that sit still without looking further for the cause of trouble.” At Slater Law Group & Lieberman LLP, we understand that your business is hard enough without the complications of a lawsuit. But if your business does find itself in troubled waters, you can count on us to navigate you to prosperous seas.