Mark Slater and Jon Hersey Invited to Join Newly Launched Select Counsel Network

Slater Law Group partners, Mark Slater and Jon Hersey, are proud to be among the first members of the new Select Counsel network of attorneys. Select Counsel’s mission is to bring together top-tier lawyers who have taken their big firm experience to boutique practices. At launch, the network boasts over 300 members nationwide. By connecting specialists across a wide range of legal areas, Select Counsel helps its members quickly find high quality, cost-effective solutions to their clients’ complex matters. In a sense, the network will make it possible for its members to behave like a large firm, but without the overhead costs that large firms ultimately pass on to their clients.

Select Counsel will be a great resource for our firm and our clients. We are proud of our exceptional team of experienced lawyers, but as a small practice, we know that collaboration with other firms can add significant value for our clients. The Select Counsel network gives us access to a deep pool of attorneys who are as committed as we are to providing top quality service at a fair price. We’re looking forward to getting to know the new colleagues we’ll meet through the Select Counsel, and leveraging their talents to help our clients thrive.

To learn more about the Select Counsel or our variety of legal services offered, contact Slater Law Group today.